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"Make each other strong, by helping each other achieve more"

Besides Strategic Organization Development OBT focuses on Talent Development of Junior, Medior, and Senior profiles at a high level in Organizations. The perfect match between talent and organization. This proposition is called: ‘B4Talent’.

We see that the influence of command and control as a leadership model in achieving Organizational Goals is decreasing and the influence of individuals and individualized systems within the network is increasing. This logically calls for new forms of leadership that are better suited to these complex dynamics. From these developments, the talents of the individual will exert an even greater influence on the result of the enterprise.

The strength, problem-solving ability, flexibility, and agility of the Organization are largely determined by the personal talents of its employees. The flexibility and agility of the Organization are largely determined by the personal talents of its employees.

The challenge here is that Organizations can make more and better use of the personal talents, qualities, and interests of their employees. The pitfall here is that in practice we continue to think in tubes, with the risk of having too little attention for and insight into the talents of the employees. 

Our passion lies in creating the optimal match between the goals and values of the Organization and the personal talents, values, and characteristics of its employees.

Vision identification, sense of purpose, and self-development are the key elements on which people base their commitment and start focusing their energy on the goals of development. Success for companies is determined by providing space for people based on which people can see their responsibilities and activities as personal property.

Services that, from the partner role for Organizations and authorities, focuses on the sustainable and successful match between Organization goals and personal qualities, drives, values, and characteristics of (potential) employees.

In a partnership, we get both vertically and horizontally everything out of the Organizational Opportunities and Goals.

The personal identification of employees, with the Organizational Culture in which they work, is a crucial and conditional success factor in achieving the goals of the Organization. Moreover, Social Relevance and Organizational Culture are inextricably and conditionally linked. Why not turn it around? :

Spend 80% of your time on making the Organization better, more fun, and smarter

As Steve Jobs said, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do”.

We have, as organizations , gold in our hands, if we use the people and their talents in a better way. This is the perfect Match for sustainable success!

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– Talent Management
– Organization Analysis
– Structure-Design
– Culture and Leadership consulting

– Personality analysis
– Characteristics
– Ambition and Motives
– Leadership analysis
– Team analysis

– Personal development planning
– Role development-effectiveness

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