About Us

We are a team with over 33 years of experience in Strategic Design, Strategic Organizational Development, and Talent Management to help businesses work “on” and “in” their organization.

In 1989 Leo van Thull started Omnium Business Training (OBT).

OBT has developed, next to the role of Co-Maker for Managements in Strategic Design and roll-out, a broad and deepened experience and knowledge in the field of Talent Management and personal development of employees on the management layers in Organizations (B4Talent- Concept).

As a partner, we are highly committed to achieving the goals and principles for our client relations, focusing on the process of connecting with all stakeholders and creating success.

Our Core Values

Our Team

Leo van Thull

Founder – Partner

Leo started OBT in 1989. After his sport and study period, entrepreneurship beckoned immediately. Passion, perseverance and adding value to people and organizations immediately played a decisive role.

Involvement and partnership are the keywords for Leo in the strategic field of operating with the management and shareholders of the companies he works with. Leo has a background in Organizational Psychology and Business Administration.

Leo is married to Brechje and together they have 2 children, Thomas and Rosemarie.

Brechje Verzandvoort


Brechje has after her college studies in Tourism and Psychology, worked and lived for years in the south of France, where Language and Communication played a big role in her work with customers and colleagues. Hospitality at its best!

At the end of 1994, Brechje came in contact with OBT and found her passion in the development of people in organizations. Along the road of office management, Brechje found her further development, especially in psychotechnics, and followed various courses as an assessor. From there she developed her passion and drives into a professional proposition in the field of Talent Management in ‘Perfect Match’ with the Organizational Objectives of the clients.

Brechje is married to Leo and together they have 2 children, Thomas and Rosemarie.

Marc Redegeld


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Other Partners

During the first 15-20 years, OBT was mainly operating as a Training agency. In that period of time we had a team consisting of 8 employees.

Despite the fact that we have changed as an agency, we still have a network of people we work with. This pool of partners consists of people from different disciplines. Some examples are professionals in Finance, Law, Marketing, Event Management & Image Coaching.

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