Strategic Design & Organizational Development


Organizational Quality and Organizational Development is the essential vehicle for the development of collective performance in the targeted achievement of desired Strategic Goals and operational results.

In a world and market environment that is subject to frequent changes, the balance between growth in revenue, proposition, and employee numbers on the one hand and growth in Organizational quality, motivation, and talent on the other determines the sustainability of success.

The focus here is on several areas:

  1. Culture, Identity and Core Values, Competencies and Qualities
  2. Organizational structure, Organizational systems, and the company’s governance
  3. Level and characteristics of desired leadership

The focus of Organizational Development is to minimize the gap between the growth in sales, the number of customers and employees on the one hand, and the growth in competencies and qualities, culture, distinctiveness, and leadership on the other hand.

Organizational Development is also the vehicle and the stimulus for the development of the maximum degree of involvement, individual identification, connection, and belonging in the Organization. It brings the Organizational goals to sustainable success.

“I saw an Angel in the block of Marble and I just chiseled until I set him free” – Michelangelo

Organizations and their people possess talents and characteristics from human nature, which in the match with the organizational strategy are a powerful foundation for the development of a flexible and agile organization, focused on its ambitions and goals.

As mentioned, the Strategic Organization choices for the proposition, services, and distinctiveness at one end and the choices for culture, core values, and social responsibility at the other end, form the spectrum for customer and employee loyalty. The smallest possible gap between quantitative and qualitative growth creates the conditions for sustainable success for the company and its employees. Leadership is the most important prerequisite for this.

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